AJS Highway Star 125


AJS Highway Star 125
Whether you’re cruising the boulevards, winding your way through country lanes or commuting into town, the Highway Star will make your journey a blast. This bike has a presence on the road like no other 125. It has been styled to be on trend with its turbine wheels, upside down front shocks and twin shot-gun exhaust mufflers.
The low seat height makes this motorcycle easy to handle. The slightly forward, anti-vibration footrests and ergonomically positioned alloy handlebars ensure a comfortable ride, even on the longest journeys.
We’ve added stainless steel fasteners and deep chrome plating for that extra touch of quality.

Two years parts & labour warranty

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AJS Highway Star 125

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AJS Highway Star 125

AJS Highway Star 125

AJS Highway Star 125







Technical Details

Engine type: 4-stroke, OHC, oil cooled, twin cylinder
Displacement: 125cm³
Max. power: 8.43kW @ 9,014 rpm
Max. torque: 9.4Nm @ 9,000 rpm
Fuel system: Electronic Fuel Injection - Delphi MT05
Tank capacity: 19L
Fuel type: Unleaded or E5 petrol
Transmission: five speed, chain drive
Front sprocket: 14T 520
Rear sprocket: 38T 520
Unladen Mass: 164kg
Max laden mass: 304kg
Starter: Electric
Brakes: Twin disc/single disc - Combined Braking System
Front disc: 300mm 4mm thick - 3mm minimum
Rear disc: 240mm 4mm thick - 3mm minumum
Tyres:  Front: 120/80-17 - Rear: 140/70-17
Rim size: Front: 3.00 x 17 - Rear 4.10 x 17
Seat height: 710mm
Length: 2135mm
Width: 810mm
Height: 1160mm
Wheelbase: 1460mm
Turning angle: left/right 43deg.
Max Speed: (approx): 60mph
Fuel consumption: (as recorded on the COC) 94mpg

Key Features

17 year old learner legal
Drive on CBT or A1 driving licence
Laid back cruiser style
Oil cooled, twin cylinder 4 stroke engine
Electronic Fuel Injection system
Low seat height
Alloy turbine style wheels
Combined Braking System

Maintenance Information

Tyre pressure - front:     33 psi solo or with passenger (not to exceed 36psi)
Tyre pressure - rear:      33 psi solo or with passenger (not to exceed 36psi)
Tappet clearance In:      0.15mm
Tappet clearance Ex:     0.15mm
Engine oil type:               10w40 Class API, SG (Silkolene Super 4)
Engine oil quantity:         1.5L (check on dip stick)
Spark plug type:             NGK CR7HS (x2)
Air filter part number:   BD250-2-003100
Oil filter part number:     Gauze type, clean and replace
Front fork oil capacity:    320cc (each leg)
Front fork oil type:          RSF 7.5
Battery:                             12v 9Ah

Torque Settings:

Torque values are based on clean, dry threads.  Reduce value by 10% if threads are oiled before assembly.

Front axle                                  70-80Nm
Rear axle nut                             70-80Nm
Steering stem centre bolt              30Nm
Swinging arm axle nut                   70Nm
Rear sprocket bolts                        30Nm
Cylinder head bolt M8 x 1.25         22Nm
Spark plug M10 x 1.00                  12.5Nm
Magneto rotor                                50Nm

General 8.8 or 9.8 fasteners:
M6 10Nm
M8 25Nm
M10 50Nm
M12 85Nm


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